Sexy Intimate Fun Products

Here you will find a wealth of products to improve your relationship in interesting and fun ways.  When we were children we were given toys or told to use our imagination to create fun and[…]

8 Ways We Communicate In A Relationship

  Click here to get this class for FREE Communication in a relationship is super important.  Yet we all have different ways that we communicate the best.  Understanding the different ways we communicate and which[…]

Spiritual and Metaphysical

This is the place where we will focus on spiritual and metaphysical methods to help your relationship thrive.   Brining the spiritual and metaphysical into our lives and relationship has made a huge shift in[…]

Clothing and Intimate Apparel

Each relationship has a fashion to it and here you will find great suggestions for your style.  Most people don’t understand how important fashion is in a relations ship so we thought we would cover[…]

Products for Everyday Living

This section is for products the will benefit the everyday parts of the lives of couples.  Here we will show you those products that couples might not be aware of and how they can help[…]

Relationship Library

The best books to fill your life with.  We have books that will help improve your relationship to the latest romantic novel.  Reading can be an amazing experience together, and couples that read together usually[…]

Relationship Videos

Here you find videos presented by experts to help improve your relationship.  Watch these free classes, from some of the most notable names in the relationship industry.  From amazing product demonstrations to inspirational speeches.  Each[…]

The Couples Spot Blog

The Couples Spot blog features posts from Drs. Rob and Janelle Alex.  Experts in sexual energy and relationships, Drs. Rob + Janelle Alex, Ph.D. are mentoring couples around the world. They are best selling authors,[…]

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Rob + Janelle Alex + share and  explore how sexuality, spirituality + humor go hand-in-hand. | Think Mission Impossible, James Bond + Austin Powers | Inspired by Osho, Ellen DeGeneres + our Spirit Guides. Click[…]